Winter 2015 Issue

We would like to say a special thanks to Dorianne Laux for writing our cover essay for this issue. We love you immensely!
An Essay from Dorianne Laux

Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors

The TWR Prize for Young Writers

Hannah Kanfer
A City of Love; A City of Blood


Phoebe Hurd
Variations On A Theme By Robert Frost

Farah Ghafoor
ungodly youth

Eva Ury
Musical Progression
UnEarth Day

Aashna Nagpal
– Somewhere on the moon
Longings for one I can’t name
Pieces of Soul

Polina Soloyveva
Bruised Whore in Your Bed
You Bury Me

Ellen Zhang
On Threading Hooks
Nets and Roadmaps

Archita Mittra
Existential Cherries
English Class, Senior Year
For someone I can’t talk to anymore

Abby Gibson
Darling (10 a.m.)
About Us

Sarah Allen

Isabel Houck
summer solstice, 2014

Benjamin Shaw
Dog At The Beach

Brittany Sando
Too Late For Saint Jude

Cullen Bohlinger
A Funeral Ode In Remembrance of Art and Humanity

Jamiya Leach
I had a godmother named Nafeesah

Sarah Yeargin
Praise for Things I Usually Don’t
– All of the Poems in my Head Concern Things I Shouldn’t Remember and Don’t Want to Write About

S. Makai Andrews
Jack White, MI
they come at night

Emily Ling
– a poem about metro stations that ends with my mother’s last haircut

Samuel Gee
i’m not supposed to have a favorite

Alexa Curnutte
The Colony’s Paradise

Daniel Koshy
–  A Self-Portrait

Tiffany Stanton
–  The Co-Dependent Ocean

Rachel Gary
I Am

Laura Heitman
Mother Arizona

Lydia Gompper
The Eternity Boys

NaevEnya Moore

Creative NonFiction

Sophie Govert
MASH and the Quest for Truth on Graph Paper

Jenna Zucker
The Candles

Oliver Flint

Jossary Padilla


Molly Kines
A Buttercup Girl

Cody Schmucker

Sophie Nadel
Some Friendly Trichs

Grace Jackson
A Late Afternoon at the End of Autumn

Will Bibler
Infectious Sin

Callie Barrentine
The Stages of Suffering

John Jurgens
Date Night

Joseph Rowland
I’m Glad

Oliver Flint