Why I Stopped Going

by Abby Gibson

one left nothing but their body-
miracles, holy abrasions, sheets of wire
washing crystals from the throats of pale children…
fair skin cheeks losing potential

reaching through pharmacy windows to see
three wicked hands falling in love with electricity-
each clasping onto the last black book in the staircase

thunder driving us home late that night with
sunken eyes, deep headlights signaling the rest of the to stop
forgiveness embalming itself in the wooden seats

chunks of lost hairs, neck muscles left behind
seeping into the carpet that we pray on
outrunning the fronts of broken knee caps
decaying underneath these sculptures of stained glass

Author Bio: Abby Gibson is 17 and attends Warsaw Community High School. She enjoys music, dance, poetry, and longboarding. In her spare time, she likes to take naps and watch detective shows.