What Happens When We Become Human

by Arden Rosenthal

She rose from the sky-lit sea,
she tapped the ground with rhythm,
moving slowly;
with the foam of the ocean trailing behind her,
she approached the street that smelled of failure

This jade-eyed girl,
with lipstick as pink as it was hot;
she was the beauty of worlds we know not

The oysters cackled as she strayed from the sea,
knowing the world she would enter,
there was no way to leave

As her toes touched the asphalt,
the water disappeared,
the sky filled with smog,


Author Biography: Arden Rosenthal is a sixteen year old girl currently
attending El Camino Real Charter High School as a Junior. She spends her
time reading, writing, thinking, and laughing. A lover of all things English
and Science, she is extremely confused as to what to do with the rest of her life.

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