The Sacrifice of the Artist

by Jenna Baig

When Baa died
I know I went with her,
hugging her body until they buried us,
a mosaic of bones,
into the ground.Now I walk among the living,
and people smile and wave
to a dead girl.

My heart does not beat;
my soul was never mine.Sometimes I wish I could end my life
like I would a sentence,
but I won’t because I believe in God,
and so, I write.

Who am I to call myself an artist?
I only write when I hurt,
days when I choke on the dirt
from Baa’s coffin.
I only wait for a darker day,
a pen and paper in my hand,
wondering which I love more

art, or myself.

Author Bio: Jenna Baig is a high school student who loves creative writing. Sylvia Plath is one of her inspirations.