The Anna Boswell Memorial Prize for Young Writers

The Prize & The Person:

We are so pleased to announce a new prize from TWR: The Anna Boswell Memorial Prize for Young Writers. This prize is a $100 editor’s choice award that is graciously funded by members of Anna’s family. Tai Farnsworth, Anna’s niece & a Young Adult author & educator, will serve as guest judge for the prize.

The winner of this prize will receive a hundred dollar check plus a spot for their work in Teenage Wasteland Review’s Spring or Winter edition. All submissions to TWR will automatically be considered for the prize- So submit!

A word about Anna, from Tai:


Anna Boswell – with a born date, a dash, and a death date – would be so painfully insufficient. In the dash would be Starbucks, lots of Starbucks, and vanilla bean ice cream with the little flecks, and drawing, and clay sculptures of people sitting on benches being sweet, and giant stuffed ostriches, and the many lives that she touched with her smile. Anna Boswell was the kind of person who had a house full of toys before she ever had any kids. She took me to the science museum. She taught me what it meant to be kind. Anna Boswell was kinder than any person I had ever met. Even when her life was ending and she was in pain, she would still send me thank you cards for my visits to her hospital room. She would still do everything she could to pick up and hold her babies. She still cared about everyone else in the world more than herself. I was closer to Anna than I’d ever been to a family member. When I got my first tattoo, I told Anna before my mom. When I was almost caught by my father driving around in a boy’s car, Anna laughed at the story. She was my confidante and my best friend. And when I told her I wanted to be a writer, the first thing she did was help me work on a story. She always believed in me, she always knew I could do it, and she fostered that dream like it was her own. Anna wanted people to achieve their dreams, she wanted to give everyone hope. In her honor, my family donates money to young writers and we hope that her smile will continue to touch the world.–Tai Farnsworth

A thousand thank yous to Tai & Anna’s family for your support. We are so grateful and honored.

To submit to TWR, see our submission guidelines page.

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