The One That Dares

by Kaitlyn Graham

When the impending night looms over our heads-
Through our homes, our cold windows-
I see the breath of the trees sucked from its lungs,
And it wrinkles to nothing.
It vanishes in the spectrum of time.

In fact, I like to think myself the watcher
Of vanishing.
I’ve seen lovers’ strings severed by hours,
And strangers deflated by fleeting minutes,
And my own skin weaken under every passing second.
My eyes sink in their waters.
My mind wades in their loss.
And yet, I know the liquid fever of life.
I know the high.
I know the daunting echoes of the future.
Echoes that drift backward
Into they that never needed to hear.
I know the rivers in our veins
That carry mortality like daggers.
We conceal our most dangerous weapons
Inside of our own bodies for the sake of others.
On gentle summer nights I am the watcher of stars.
And on dewy summer dawns I am the watcher of vanishing.
I know the savory toxin of the ephemeral mindset like blood on my teeth.
The world thrives on our individual downfall.
I will give no satisfaction.


Author Biography: Kaitlyn Graham is a sophomore at Woodbridge Senior
High School. She is a member of the creative writing concentration of the Center
for Fine and Performing Arts. Outside of writing, Kaitlyn enjoys watching
baseball, baking cupcakes, and watching old movies with her friends.

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