The Codependent Ocean

by Tiffany Stanton

he had lips that left trails of venom wherever he spoke
words that threatened to enter my veins through the wounds he left
with every responsive twitch of a muscle
and he had an addictive touch like a cigarette lighter
burning my arms and mouth with every flick of a wrist
I could live on the ashes and soot that fell from his fingertips
and god
he turned my soul to dust and poisoned my blood
but somewhere the detox failed and left me wanting more
like a bloodthirsty addict
it had to be his eyes
a deeper blue than any ocean I had ever seen
an ocean that dragged me into its cavity
with waves big enough to destroy cities
and under the beauty of the water lied terrible consequence
a consequence that filled my lungs and rinsed them of ash
giving me just a small sense of relief
before I was choked of my soul again

I am convinced that he is what hell will be