The Blood on My Chin Isn’t Mine

by Tiffany Stanton

Cement is holding our joints together and we are sinking
bound to our organs and the bones that crack when I grab your wrists
your gums are bleeding
kiss me anyways sweetheart
I’ve always looked good in red
so if you want I can help you remove the stitches on your lips
but they would be in shreds
and they might spill something neither of us want to hear 

it’s dark and we shouldn’t be alive
shut up, the dark makes it easier to touch you
and when it’s dark you are just a shadow
and shadows don’t bleed
and shadows don’t speak
they just haunt your bed sheets
until it’s twelve a.m.
and you’re afraid to open your eyes

Author Bio: Tiffany Stanton is a senior at Warsaw Community High School in Warsaw, Indiana. She is planning to attend college in the fall for a degree in Paramedic Sciences. She loves art, writing, and she spends most of her time outside.