Take it and Run

by Sydney Sargis

Inspiration does not occur as often as an unused turn signal,
a wretched bed sheet.
It is something to be amazed by, the luminosity of new.
It is seeing the world as a whole of rainbowed people,
music so diverse it is impossible to relay specific sound,
poets so divine they can not tell right from wrong,
language so uncanny it is misunderstood.
Colors so vibrant they are distant to muddy pupils
and disguised eyelids. The will of creativity,
becoming the king on the throne of your endless adventure,
is so alive
that it is bursting through the organ thumping
on the left of the rubber casing holding our rugged souls.


Author Biography: Sydney is a 17 year old sarcastic rugby
player currently residing in a van down by the river. Born and raised in
Chicago, she now lives in Warsaw, Indiana. She still does not know where
that is. Her interests include: writing, listening to records, avoiding
political correctness, and eating- like a lot.

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