Submission Guidelines & SUBMIT HERE

—- ATTENTION: Teenage Wasteland Review is currently on hiatus and will not be open to submissions at this time. We plan to re-open in the fall of 2017.—-

By “guidelines” we mean follow them. Submissions that don’t meet these guidelines will be declined without being read. Sorry if we seem harsh but we’re operating much the same as traditional literary journals.

NOTE: All submissions to TWR will be considered for The Anna Boswell Memorial Prize for Young Writers. For more information, please go to our prize page.

  • Submissions for issue #3 will be accepted from February 1st, 2016 through April 30th, 2016. Issue #3 will be published in May 2016.
  • Ages 13-19 may submit–our goal is to feature the best in teen writing & give them a space to publish.
  • All submissions should be in a 12 point, standard font (i.e. Arial, Times New Roman, etc.).
  • If submitting poetry, please submit no more than three poems at a time, and no more than 10 pages. If submitting multiple poems, please submit them as ONE file.
  • If submitting Fiction or Creative Nonfiction, please limit your stories to 5,000 words or less.
  • Please wait until you hear back from us before you submit again. Multiple submissions will not be read. Just don’t do it.
  • All submissions should be in .doc, .docx, or pdf formats.
  • All submissions are READ BLIND, so please refrain from including ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION in the document containing your work.
  • Please include a cover letter with a third-person bio of 50 words or less.
    • Here is an example of the type of cover letter bio we’re looking for: John Johnson is a senior at Random Community High School and plans to study Biology in college. He enjoys water-skiing, time traveling, and mowing the lawn. Additionally, he works part-time at his local coal mine, which is his main inspiration.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted; please withdraw your work promptly if it is accepted elsewhere.
  • We do not accept previously published work.

Submit Here!
Thanks for Submitting!

53 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines & SUBMIT HERE

  1. I previously wrote a story which was published, but it was done so before I had finished the piece and have even made a companion piece to it, would that still not be okay to submit?


  2. Two questions: 1) The age guidelines that you publicize say ages 14-19, but my teacher said that the TWR person that contacted him said that thirteen-year-olds were allowed to enter. Is this true? I am currently 13 and am interested in entering.

    Also, 2) What are the total limits for number and type of submissions at one time (e.g. 2 poems, 1 fiction, and 1 non-fiction at one time).



  3. Hullo! When it says wait to hear before submitting again, because multiple submissions will not be allowed, does that mean do not send several copies of the same thing, or do not send several different things?


    • Hi Gabby–it just means you can submit once for this reading period and wait to hear if you are published or not. Then you can always submit again for our next issue which has a reading period of September-November. However, you can submit to two genres at once.


  4. Hello! I really want to participate in this competition but I turn 20 in May and am not currently a student but will be in 2016– can I still submit?


  5. I wish to submit three poems, and the submission page has a spot for a title, but I’m not sure what to put since I have three pieces of work. What would you like me to do for this?


    • If you were submitting to *most* literary journals, then they would consider that to be published elsewhere. However, we are okay with you doing that for our purposes. Should we select your piece for publication, perhaps you could note on your blog that we published! Thank you & we look forward to reading your work:)


  6. Hello! Just wondering when we should generally expect to hear back from you if we’ve submitted? Thank you so much for all your hard work—can’t wait to read the next issue.


    • Not exactly. It looks like you were just published in our December 2015 issue so you won’t be able to have that published elsewhere until after Dec. 2016. When you get publish you usually agree to a contact that lasts about a year. After that year if you publish elsewhere you need to mention where the piece was first published–in other words, please give us credit for publishing first. Here is our contract that you agreed to when publishing with us, it’s standard one for the literary magazine publishing world:

      TWR Contract/Agreement:
      Submitter agrees to not publish this work anywhere else for at least one year. If this work is published in the future, Submitter agrees to give first publication credit to Teenage Wasteland Review.”


  7. Hi, I’m looking to submit, but your submissions portal says it isn’t open at this time. Is this an error? Thanks in advance!


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