Spring 2015 Issue

Letter from the Editors

     –Letter from the Editors


Winner of The TWR Prize for Young Writers

Alexa Curnutte
      –The First Night



Anna Sheppard
     –Other Weeds
     –Baleen Cage
     –Skateland USA

Victoria Gonzales
     –Fabrics of Night

Ariana Nakhla
     –About my Hoarder

Kaitlyn Graham
     –The One that Dares

Sydney Sargis
     –Take It and Run
     –Wrinkled Faces

Olivia Coleman
     –Galatians 5:19-21

Darius Atefat-Peckham
     –Argue When You’re Right

Serena Kantor
     –Mood Swings

Grayson Chong
     –Half Breed

Arden Rosenthal
     –What Happens When We Become Human

S. Makai Andrews
     –Traffic Jam

Hannah Miao
   –The Lotus Riverside

Hyunsung Kim
     –War Within

Gabrielle Kindig
      –Sofas are Exremely Important

Christell Roach
       –A Few Fourteen Years Overdue

Mackenzie Connolly

Bradley Fletcher
      –Japanese Death Poem

Mike Yim
      –Blood Korea

Iqra Raza
      –The Escape

Teja Dupree
      –It Is,



Anna Sheppard
     –A Deep Breath

Olivia Alger
     –The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance

Bethany Mathews
     –The Stanislavski System

Lynn Lambert
     –Your Story

Grace Nehls
     –To Walk Again

Livne Ore
     –Cosmic Migration

Jackson Hassell

Matthias Enrui Thammachai
     –Fragmented Writing-Running


Creative Non-Fiction

Jordan Lolmaugh

Anna Sheppard
     –One of Your Villains

Colleen Feeny
     –We measure our distance from the center of a trauma, as if the miles could protect us

Deb McPherson
     –How to Bury a Dead Cat

Ariana Nakhla
     –A Gifted Memory

Jacob Berg

Joey Furfari
     –The Suicide Diary

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