Sofas are extremely important.

by Gabrielle Kindig

Inspired by Haruki Murakami’s Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World

Never judge a man by his fancy car.
Judge him by his sofa.
Buying a fancy car requires money that anyone can acquire,
but buying a sofa requires style, experience, good taste and philosophy.
A person’s choice in sofa is the most revealing part of his character.

Sofas are like fine literature;
Sofas are the Hemingways and F. Scott Fitzgeralds of the furniture world.
Sofas are better than beds in every way. Beds are the novice writers who are trying too hard
to be excellent.

The perfect sofa is like when you are late for the train, and the wind finally
discontinues blowing in your face.
The perfect sofa is like Bob Dylan, or Miles Davis, its belling tones calling you
to rest in its comfort.
On the last day, God created sofas.
Then He rested, because he had created perfection.
The sofa is to the soul as rain is to the desert.
The perfect sofa is in an old madman’s laboratory, underneath
An immense waterfall.

am also in that old madman’s laboratory.
I am eyeing the sofa, appraising it.
It is a worthy sofa, from its looks.

I think I need to test for sure that this is the perfect sofa.
Hello, sofa.
Goodnight, immense waterfall.


Author Biography: Gabrielle Kindig is a sophomore at Eastern High
School. She would like to study psychology and neuroscience in college,
and travel about Europe. She enjoys rainy days, interesting teas, and
long walks.

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