by Jamal Parker

I’ve been told I have a beautiful smile
With each grin having the power to eliminate grief
I’ve been told how it can rival the big bang theory
I’ve been told creationism is a fallacy
That the Pastors got it wrong
Like when God said let there be light
He had a specific black boy’s smile in mind

And maybe I’ve been misinterpreting scripture my whole life
Like the second coming is not a white man in a robe
With a legion of sentient horses and angels
But a parade of black children and the happiness on their faces
How that radiance, rivals anything Satan can come up with

Author Bio: Jamal Parker is a Sophomore at Temple University and is an African-American Studies Major. He enjoys writing poetry, watching superhero films, and scrolling through Black Twitter. He is a nerd at heart, yet somehow is terrible at math.