Skateland USA

by Anna Sheppard

Friday night, the rink.
Kaleidoscope lighting
escapes through double-
glazed windows and
    into the gravel parking lot
where a mother
with a Camel light posed
between her teeth
tells stories of the half-
    moon scars on her legs,
of the man who put them
there, of strangers
who always tried to make her
their Helios when
    she only ever wanted
to be another star lost
in the cosmos. Ash
sinking from the cigarette
reminds her of the
    children inside, sons
and daughters kissing
Skateland’s scarred
wooden flooring with
their knees, elbows,  
    and she knows all of them feel it,
the inescapable gravity.
All of them feel the pull.


Author Biography: Anna Sheppard is from the low country of South Carolina.
She currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina, where she studies creative writing
at the Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. She enjoys Fleetwood Mac
and talking too much about her twin sister.

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