Pieces of soul

by Aashna Nagpal

The water was so still
for a moment I couldn’t
make out which one was
the sky. This strange
quietude scarred my soul
but there was all
the chaos within me
to feel normal- about life.
I just knew- that this
time i had left a bigger
piece of me, perhaps
forgotten it with a keeper-
who didn’t know what
he was guarding, like
my ribs. That piece was
most of me- all of me
now lying somewhere
in kashmir, unattended
rotting among the bodies
unknown- for they’re
just corpses now- Hindu
or muslim?(we would never
know). It lies rusting
like the ends of the broken
bridge to heaven. I scar my
chest with my own nails-
to make my soul forget that it
had renounced the piece
to the one it loved- but
now claims it back, so
I give it more pain, just

to make sure- I stay alive


Author Biography: Born in India, Aashna Nagpal is a seventeen year old studying in The Heritage School. She has been published in the Canvas Literary Journal. Poetry and travelling means the world to her. She truly believes Kashmir to be the most beautiful place on earth. Her poems attempt to explore human emotions.