Mood Swings

by Serena Kantor

Sun hits the wall and I am wild, wild
Never slowing
Wind rushes through hair
Eyes twinkle and shine and I am
Burning, flying
I am love and I am spilling
Into every crack and dark place of Every soul I ever met
I am sunshine and I will sing
Like a canary
Over vast treetops
And I am starlight
And I wade in moonlit pools
And galaxies fill my fingertips
And I am magnificent
When the sun hits the wall
But when the sky breaks I am horror
Blood rushes and acid fills
Every vein
I’ve no love
I am anger
I am all consuming fire
Beautiful words turn to daggers that Slip off my tongue
I am gloom and I drag my own soul
Down deep
Into black lakes of selfish tears
My heart is shattered glass
And pieces wedge themselves
Into the skin
Of every soul I ever met
I am smoke and I wilt every rose
Every fragile thing
I am ashes, smothering
Every dream
Every broken hope
Finds itself in the depths of my mind
I am horror
And I will ruin
When the sky breaks


Author Biography: Serena Kantor is a 15 year old grade 9 student. She
enjoys singing, listening to music and spending time with her friends. She
also loves cats and hopes to own many in the future.

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