Letter from the Editors

We are more than happy to announce the second issue of Teenage Wasteland Review. It was a difficult process, because our first issue set the bar so high. And we would have to say the most difficult part was declining beautiful work from our peers. Because we understand how hard it is to send out something that you put a part of yourself into so that others can look at it and judge it and tell you a piece of its worth. And so, to everyone that submitted and to those who encouraged them, we say thank you. Thank you for sharing with us and allowing us to be a part of your story, or poem, or memories. And thank you most of all for being a part of our story, for making us who and what we are.

This issue consists of some of the best and brightest work from the future of the literary world, and this future looks better and brighter each day.


Ethan Horst
Sydney Sargis
Sarah Freehauf