Letter from the Editors

Wow. That is really all we can say. The work we received for this issue, and our past issues, is just pure gold. We would like to thank those of you in this issue for being so darn creative and beautiful, and for putting your work out there for us to read.

Each piece we accepted to be put into this issue is a work of art. It’s the stuff you have to dig deep for, the stuff you have to scrape off your bones. And these young artists did exactly that. They are literally the future of tomorrow, and we could not be more thankful to be apart of theses artist’s future careers.

To the artists: keep catering to this talent, let it guide you. Feed it every once in a while and discipline it when needed, but let it be free and take you where it wants to take you. Because so far, it’s done a fantastic job.

Get ready to read some of the best work of today, tomorrow, and forever.



Sydney Sargis
Ethan Horst
Sarah Freehauf














































































































































































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