Japanese Death Poem

by Bradley Fletcher

            Look across water,
as the waves of life turn smooth,
           the water turns cold.


Author Biography: Bradley Fletcher is a freshman at Warsaw Community
High School, and plans to study creative literature, musical theory, and history
at Indiana University. He loves learning about anything possible. On top of
this, he loves video games, playing Grand Strategy and Open World games.
He also loves cats and fantasy.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Death Poem

  1. I loved your poem, it was such a great piece. I would like to >maybe< become in contact with you so we could collab sometime or something.


  2. Thank you so much! Sorry it took so long for my reply, but with Marching Band I was very busy this summer. I would love to see about the possibility of collaboration in the future if you would still be interested. Honestly I no longer look at writing as a career, with myself looking to become a music teacher/composer, but writing is still a very important hobby to me. Hope to hear for you, thank you again so much!


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