by Tiffany Stanton

Your name is scrawled in sloppy arthritic characters on the palms of my hands
it’s stenciled inside my throat & across my forehead, screaming
don’t you dare forget about me
rotting my lungs like the lingering cigarette smoke in the kitchen 

sweetie dinner is done
blood pools in my chest and floods my entire body
drowning any fake appreciation a daughter is expected to give
to a mother who does nothing but take

swaddled by abandonment and fed by my own will
expelled without any education on what is right and what is wrong
the wrong is fun and the right feels empty
your mother raised you right
then how am I so wrong
there is no reliable distinction between the two
so I’ve resolved to fuck it as a solution to a problem
that isn’t even my responsibility to find

Author Bio: Tiffany Stanton is a senior at Warsaw Community High School in Warsaw, Indiana. She is planning to attend college in the fall for a degree in Paramedic Sciences. She loves art, writing, and she spends most of her time outside.