Half Breed

by Grayson Chong

“Half breed.”
Your lips don’t speak,
but I can see it in your narrowed eyes
and upturned chin
while you place yourself above me
justified by your prejudiced traditions.
I am not worthy to stand
in your unadulterated presence
because of what I am.
You dissect me,
trying to determine
what went wrong in the experiment
like you’ve done with your China doll.
You utter it with venom.
You and your pure blood
do not dare to be marred by mud.
For you, I am a chaotic culture
broken beyond repair.
Oh how you look at me with abhorred pity.
But you forget
that I am a rich history,
a breathing mosaic
of all those who have come before me.
You do not know my childhood filled
with the singsong speech from the island in the sun
and the rhythm of reggae beats.
You have not seen the joy on my face
watching kung fu films
and eating ten course meals.  


Author Biography: Grayson Chong is a senior at St. Augustine Catholic
High School and plans to study English and French in university. She loves
cats and warm hugs. Dance is her passion; writing is her art.

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