Gothic Heroine

by Iyonna Naeomi

YOU are an unreliable narrator.
you are a liar, lips smudged gray,
pulled back like the wires in

a chain-link fence. write about
how much you hate your father,leave
the pills and a glass of water on his

nightstand anyway. you hold your
girlfriend’s hand too tightly you hold
everything too tightly you are wound

too tightly – wound and wound are
the same word said differently.
your mother’s daughter, looked at

differently in a double-sided mirror.
you are an unreliable narrator and there are
monsters in the cupboard that you forgot

to feed, wearing their milk-white skin
like spiders’ eggs. you are the monsters
in the cupboard, pale and starving but.

(YOU wrap the wire around the mirror, and
forget what you looked like then. hold your
girlfriend tighter. become a better liar.)


Author Bio: Iyonna attends a performing arts school in the south, somewhere, where they avoid doing their physics homework at all costs. When they aren’t trying to take on the spirit of Charles Baudelaire, they’re doing their best to pose as a normal human being.