Galatians 5:19-21

by Olivia Coleman

We began talking about God
and the stars shed light on every place
He mislead you.
You blamed Him for your mother’s sins,
for the ugliness of love.
You compared  her tragedy to Eve’s,
their defiance so compatible.
We drank wine under the influence
of a misconstrued understanding
that He would save us,
and baptized each other
in the sweat of our bodies.
I dripped in prayer,
you soaked in reborn faith.
I reminded myself of
my absent belief,
astray in crowded galaxies,
in drunken bodies of water.
I said a prayer for your mother,
for Eve,
for you.


Author Biography: Olivia is a Junior at the Greater Hartford Academy
of the Arts. She studies Creative Writing there but intends on attending
college for law. Olivia works at a pharmacy in the small town of Moodus,
CT. She focuses mostly on poetry, but also enjoys music and debating.

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