by Arielle DeVito

curve in those shoulders, girl
you are not yet ready for what’s out the
into the folds of your own flesh, the
comforting muscle and fat
so safe, so familiar
bend your crackling spine
tuck in your head, look within

there are wolves out there, girl
with razor claws and knife teeth dripping
your own are blunt and chew your
flimsy claws to the quick
bleeding all over these soft green
flowerssuch a waste

dripping jaws and flexing fingers
reaching, reaching
bellies swollen with
the words swallowed back down
they lick their chops
eyes afire
starving, starving
a pack of yowling infants crying for
affection, just a moment’s
they stalk for smiles, pounce
on an unwary stranger
her alive

Author Bio: Arielle DeVito is a junior at Hathaway Brown School and plans to study creative writing and linguistics in college. She figure skates, plays the flute, and spends far too much time reading. Her work has been published in The Writer’s Slate and the second edition of Dancing With the Pen!