English Class, Senior Year

by Archita Mittra

imagine, if you can, a half-lit room. yourself, a girl
with no name, tasting new words on your tongue.
shyly, the blackboard shimmers. this is the other
world of metaphor and allusion, a dreamed-up
summer that you wish (desperately), shall never end.

the lady is an angel. her voice, a cantillation.

enchanted, you know you belong. your pencil
is scribbling down meanings of words, you will later
make poems from. then the room slides out of focus.
and you’re falling in love, like the reckless way you fall
for a painting. you treasure the corridor conversations
that you both have, even after the bell has lost its ring.

lights falter. seasons are changing. but you never grow
up. even when you realize the moments are numbered

and your summer will never come again.



Author Biography: Archita Mittra is a freelance writer, artist and designer based in Calcutta, India with a love for all things imaginary vintage and the fantastical. A first year student of English at Jadavpur University, she’s also pursuing a diploma in Multimedia and Animation from St.Xavier’s College.You can read more of her work at https://ivyonthetrellis.wordpress.com and contact her at archita.666@gmail.com