by Farah Ghafoor

man: serpent-tongued.
correction: it was a threat
(you better water the goddamn flowers
and pull those weeds.)
man: born hired.
correction: going to hell is costly
(yea, well I would die
for my family.)
man: high-class
correction: plastic coronations
(he is so blessed by God,
God loves him, he knows it.)
man: private schooled
correction: juvenile detention centre
(an intellectual, look at my bookshelf,
I’m too busy for questions.)
man: empyrean.
correction: left-handed, under the table
(what he doesn’t hear:
“all dogs go to heaven.”)
Author Biography: Farah Ghafoor is fifteen years old and likes the way “poet” tastes in her mouth. Farah is a co-founder and an editor at Sugar Rascals. Her work is published or forthcoming in Alexandria Quarterly, alien mouth, Whirlwind, Moonsick and elsewhere. Find her online at fghafoor.tumblr.com.