Darling (10 a.m.)

by Abby Gibson

The world at large- plenty in the sea they told me.
And the time I have spent on you has cost me a miserable fortune.
A person, twice removed.
If we were kids this would have been easier, but the bonfires in our hearts were more than that.
You tucked a scarlet begonia behind my ear and told me that my kiss was the only one that
mattered, but the hot breath whispering in my ear cut across my neck while I was kneeling at
your guillotine.
My arms are outstretched and missing you, but why risk making an ass of yourself because the
blame will always be set on the substance going to your head.
Emotion could be gravitational force holding us back, so maybe I will just wait to see you in fall.
 had been heartless, but hadn’t you? My mouth may have spewed hatred but the dreams I had
almost every night spoke otherwise.
I am dying, and your voice is what saves me.
ooking into your eyes I have realized that my cheeks have gone numb.
Wait for me- before I see the hourglass turned over.
No time.
Changing excuses to keep me on my toes
I was in the palm of your hand when you put me in your pocket (to save me for later)
Just. Breathe.
A train hitting me would not even be that bad if I were looking at you on the other side of the
tracks. I guess that makes me the crazy one, and this is what I got.
Our love was lost, but I always knew.
Asking me to stay, you wanted to rewind but could not find the fucking remote.
And now, after all of this, I still present to you,
All of my love.

Author Biography: Abby Gibson is a Junior at Warsaw Community High School in Indiana. She enjoys writing, dancing, longboarding, and going to fast food restaurants at 2 a.m. with her group of friends. Although some may refer to her as a “sarcastic asshole”, she likes to think that others just do not understand her dark humor.