About Us

by Abby Gibson

We are the dust laying on the surface of your desk that sits in the back left corner of your room.
We are the shingles on the rooftop; side by side and staring at the night sky.
We are freckles on the same cheek of a girl who covers them up with liquid foundation, the same
way you will wipe the dust from your desk… to make it all neat and clean because no one would
rather have a mess.
Your mind was an open wound and my heart was the door to a jail cell. You gave me the gauze
and I gave you a key, but both of us are bad at losing things.
From this we both learned how to keep track of it all, and yet it was too lost to begin with. 

Author Biography: Abby Gibson is a Junior at Warsaw Community High School in Indiana. She enjoys writing, dancing, longboarding, and going to fast food restaurants at 2 a.m. with her group of friends. Although some may refer to her as a “sarcastic asshole”, she likes to think that others just do not understand her dark humor.