A Self-Portrait

by Daniel Koshy

Paint my face the color of an adventurous galleon on an empty sea.
Full of valor, desire, and the unknown.
A canvas that illuminates a masterpiece of expressions,
with a mouth and tongue that speak golden words.

Then my friend, you must focus on the eyes.
My eyes are black holes that lead to a world of space.
A roaring thunder that stirs the silence of the empty sea.
A blinking wonder, a beauty of the human art.

Dip your brush in the purest of black.
Paint the hairs upon my head frolicking around the spherical shape of my scalp.
The hairs that soak into the vast valley of knowledge in my brain,
like lots of sprinkles on a cupcake.

Then, dear painter, dig a little deeper and you will find my soul.
The magnificent centerpiece that shines like a lantern on the armored side of worn down train.
Paint the wonder, memories, deaths, life, people, places, compassion, and honesty.
But one thing you must not forget my good sir: paint the dreams.

Author Biography: Daniel Koshy is a freshman at Warsaw Community High school in northern Indiana. He enjoys playing the piano, violin, and guitar. He hopes to one day have graduated a doctorate course at a university. Daniel loves to write, recite, and express himself through the wondrous art of poetry.