A Letter from the Editors at TWR

As we were creating Teenage Wasteland Review one of us said “we are young, creative, free.” We knew instantly that was our motto. And we are relatively young. This is our first issue and all of the pieces we feature are from teenagers, ages 13-19, an age group which is often overlooked in publication considerations. Not with us. We love young writers’ work. We thrive on it.

This issue is a billboard, a bullhorn. A streetlamp in the dead of night. And what is it illuminating, what is it displaying, shouting? The truth: these writers are the future of the literary world, and they are crazy good. Still improving, yes but that is the best part. These writers are amazing now, but they will continue to perfect their craft, continue to rise up to become the writers that will influence the next generation. And let me tell you they are up for the challenge. We are so incredibly proud, humbled, and honored to present you with some of the best teen writing from around the world.

To everyone that has helped support the birth of TWR, we want to say Thank You—a thousand times.

From out here in the fields,

The Editors-
          Ciara Knisely
          Nathan Kiphart
          Sarah Miller Freehauf

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