A Funeral Ode In Remembrance of Art and Humanity

by Cullen Bohlinger

Of natural occurrences, of astronomical anomalies
Of colour outside lines, of charcoal smeared patiently across life’s open pages
Of endless riveting emotion, of raw intellect
Of rebellion and not shame, of grandiose twinkles upon hopeless opaque sheetsYou were of this. You were a voice.Morphed into man-made platforms, made myths for the sake of publicity
Rescinded into dull attraction, graphite scrawled hurriedly across manufactured trees
Once viewed in awe within galleries worldwide

Now glanced at on an aluminum manganese cup in between bites at the local Chipotle
A pleaded cry as twinkles burn to absence, as stopwatches tick tick tick down the
remaining moments of bliss. A creak in the floorboard dissipates the still oxygen and
STOP…You are present. You are hushed.A blank canvas, never to recover from its coat of dusting
To fall into place, like warm breath cools
To appear a sleeping giant
To shush the children’s cries within an evening’s slumber

To humanize this glowing glass that once reflected light in the eyes of us.
You shall be that. You will become silent.

You have a voice. You are hushed. You are silent.


Author Biography: Cullen Bohlinger is a sophomore at Milton High School. He plans on going to college for Journalism/photojournalism. When he isn’t avidly writing, Cullen adores music and photography. He frequently plays gigs around the area and enters art and photography contests.