Blood Korea

by Mike Yim

Remember the country that never went imperial?
That one that suffered through an evil alchemy,
The coerced mixing of blood?
Well, that bad blood erupted
And dyed a part in red.
Bloody calls for revenge you hear
In the news.

It is cut into twowhich is actually a mutilation.
Take a plane, see the numerous fragments?
My grandmother cries;
I don’t know my uncle.
Is he a comrade?
Our deep roots rot to be forgotten.
Nevertheless, bloody head keeps ringing a gong,
Calling a nuke.

Number one in jumping off buildings.
The blanket noose is never too loose.
Always nose bleeding scholars
Want freedom, and many fly.


Author Biography: Mike Yim is a junior attending Santa Margarita Catholic
High School in California. He has won a few recognition/awards like regional
recognition in Scholastic Art and Writing Award and a national recognition in
Live Poets Society’s National High School Poetry Contest. He hopes to
continue the study of creative writing in college.

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