About Us:

We are young. We are creative. We are free. Teenage Wasteland is a place for teens all over the world to find a home for their creative writing. We welcome all voices and encourage you to speak freely.

As Dorianne Laux said in Issue #2:

Be you, that swirl of dust shaped into your own particular person, with your humor, your wit, your blankets of sorrow and joy, your strangely shaped feet and five-fingered hands, your bonfire nights and garage bands, your rings and tattoos and bugaboos, your attitudes.


Editors: Sarah Miller Freehauf, Sydney Sargis, Ethan Horst
Readers: Sarah Allen & Kacie Hampton

Founding Co-Editors: Nathan Kiphart & Ciara Knisely


If you have questions or nice things to say to us, find us on Facebook, Twitter @twlmag, Tumblr or e-mail at

Cover Art:

Our cover art for TWR was done by the incredibly talented Matthew Plett. To see & purchase more of his hand-lettering work, find him on Facebook under Undefeatable or visit his Etsy shop:

Thank You:

Special THANK YOU to the Warsaw Education Foundation for the grant we received to help fund Issue #2 and beyond. Without this grant, we would be paying out of our own measly pockets.


5 thoughts on “YOUNG.CREATIVE.FREE.

  1. Can you clarify which prizes may be available for people whose submissions have been accepted to be published in the review?


  2. Can you clarify what prizes may be available for the people whose poems are accepted to be published in the review?


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